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California AdventureMagazine

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Breezy Desert Designs

Excerpt from Polly Dacus on her jewelry design: “Breezy Desert Designs is the product of my love of climbing and desire for balance in life. While rock climbing challenges me, takes me to my most favorite places, and connects me with others, I also need down-time: a home, a nest, a well-stocked kitchen. I need skiing. I need my job. I need my husband. I need some cute clothes! Making cam lobe earrings is a creative outlet that connects my rock climbing with the rest of my life. I may be at work, but I’ve got cam lobes dangling from my ears, reminding me of my next adventure. I enjoy the process of making these earrings, thinking about who will be wearing them, how others will see them, and how it’s someone else’s expression of themselves. These earrings take something hard and rugged, add some color and charm, and make something special and beautiful. They seem to represent all my own sides, and, I think, many other women’s sides as well.” Below is a picture of Polly modeling her earrings.

Polly modeling her earrings Polly modeling her earrings    







Laura Trejo is the founder of Fit4QOL, which originated in 2012 as a result of her passion for wellness and fitness. Laura Trejo was able to see first hand the many benefits that came with an active lifestyle, by her own transformation and by helping other do the same a  certified personal trainer. Her objective is simple, to  help you achieve your goals and  help you achieve a better quality of life in the process. She understood that the way to healthier way of life was much more than doing set number of reps, it has to do with understanding the individual and  working with them to find the right balance. Laura  has always wanted to help other’s see their potential and reach it, this is why  Fit4 QOL was created. Here she  will be able to focus on whats important, You. She not only has the passion for what she does, she too has the personal experience and education to back it up. Laura is a certified personal trainer and a University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate in Fitness/Sports management and Kinesiology. Below is a picture of Laura finding her zen on the rock.

Laura finding her zen on the rock


Alpamayo Peru 






Adventure without limit! Alpaymayo Peru is a travel agency that offers trekking and climbing in the cordillera blanca, cordillera huayhuash and the the inca trail to machu picchu.